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Update from editor, Monday, Nov. 21

Good morning, and happy Thanksgiving week. Thanks for all your insights and comments. We've moved the link to this discussion off the home page to the California page, so if you're trying to direct anyone to this chat, please have them click on California, and they will see a continuing link to this discussion on the California page. One participant in the chat this morning asked how his church in LaVerne might start a program for providing conservator services to the elderly. One advantage to a totally unregulated system is that anybody can jump in. I would recommend going to the website maintained by the Professional Fiduciary Association of California, the group representing professional conservators, and gaining access to PFAC's conservators handbook. Once you've read and digested that, you need to pay a $385 fee and have a criminal background check. Then, once you've found an attorney who can draw up the necessary court documents, and you can begin serving as a conservator. I think it would be a marvelous service for a church to offer its elderly members, or to the elderly in its community. There is certainly a large and growing need for these services, especially for those who do not have a lot of money.

     Thanks again for your interest. We'll continue monitoring this discussion. I'm hoping the reporters who wrote Guardians for Profit, the real experts, will begin answering some questions and commenting this week. All best regards, Vernon Loeb


tony kerckhoff

once again, your investigative reporters are doing what one would consider acting in the highest traditions of a free and responsible press. Thank you.

John Feeney

I think some of us ( citizens) with financial backgrounds could make a differance in this field. Who should we contact (agency) to start with? Iam aformer registered Investment advisor, Co- founder of an S&l with many years dealing as a fiduciary.

Gary Murphy

I want to applaud the Times and reporters for the articles and have one question. Did you come across any non-profit groups who could use volunteers to help check on seniors to see that they are not being cheated or are notfalling through the cracks in this system?


Gary Murphy

Kristina C

Mr. Loeb

I emailed the list with my opinion that I did not believe that Prop 13 was to blame and I think one could just as easily blame the high cost of illegal immigration.

Why didn't you post it? Others used this issue as an excuse to grind their political axes and you allowed them but not me?

This is why people are so turned off to newspapers...the bias of those who write them.

Thomas Wierzbicki

I am the nephew/caregiver of my aunt Natalie 88 yrs old.She is a WWII Veteran in the VA Nursing Home.
A vsiting doctor has called and told me they would be petitioning for conservetorship.I have POA financial and medical live in my aunts home and maintain it.I am on SSI.Although my aunt is forgetful at times she is no way demented. A third party Doctor establishe this May 03.Yet this push continues.Would a "living trust" further fortify her meager estate rather than the presently existing POA'S What are the down sides if any

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